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SNT provides industry-leading services that complement and adapt to the ever-changing needs of the surgical industry

Surgical Navigation Technology (SNT) is a pioneer in the field of state-of-the-art image guided surgical equipment. Over the years, SNT has earned a reputation for providing world-class service to our customers. We have achieved this by focusing all resources on each of the following core business priorities:


It is imperative, by the very nature of the work we do, that we establish a trusting relationship with all our customers. Our intention is to provide flawless service every time we are called upon to do so. To do this, we follow a predetermined plan – with a well-established set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) – which ensures nothing is left to chance. We have provided this service to the South African market since February 1998 and have used our technology in over 10,000 successful procedures.


To ensure absolute dependability, SNT’s entire technical staff complement has been comprehensively trained to provide flawless support to the surgeon and his surgical team. This affords a high level of standard care for patients, and peace of mind for surgeons, as they know unequivocally that our systems will provide them with the accurate information with which to make critical decisions.


SNT provides state-of-the-art software and hardware from one of the world’s leading medical technology companies, Brainlab, with all the required medical and technological certification, backed by unsurpassed technical expertise.


SNT is well aware of the pivotal role it plays in providing the technology necessary to improve patient outcomes, and it takes this responsibility very seriously. By offering world-class service at all times, SNT ensures that it will never let its customers or their patients down.

Best Practice

Having achieved in excess of 90% of the local market share, which is the highest market share percentage in the world in this sector, SNT maintains its high ranking by continuously offering best practice service, and guaranteeing customer satisfaction over all else.


Brainlab creates software and hardware for the entire surgical workflow—from pre-planning with Cranial, Spinal and Fibertracking and Functional Planning; surgical navigation with Kick Purely Navigation, Curve Image Guided Surgery, Spinal, Cranial and ENT Navigation software; data management and image enrichment with Buzz Digital O.R.; and intraoperative imaging with Intraoperative Ultrasound and Airo Mobile Intraoperative CT.

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Our Systems

SNT is the local distributor for Brainlab advanced Neurosurgery and ENT navigation systems.

SNT is the local distributor for Brainlab surgical planning, navigation and imaging technology. In use in over 3,000 hospitals worldwide, Brainlab technology enables access to improved, more efficient, less invasive and less expensive treatments for patients undergoing cranial, spinal, trauma, orthopedic, ENT and CMF surgery. For over 25 years, Brainlab has been innovating in the surgical space, maximizing and leveraging patient data with cutting-edge image enrichment and visualization tools and enhancing procedures with image-guided surgery and intraoperative imaging platforms.

1. Kick®

Kick, the minimalistic optical surgical navigation system from Brainlab, shifts quickly between applications and moves easily around the hospital or clinic. The sleek system comes with built-in high performance on a full HD drapeable touch display. The operating system and user interface of Kick offer an intuitive way to access various applications. The system is compatible with all current Brainlab software and allows easy connection to external devices like endoscopes for combined functionality in the O.R. Kick can easily be combined with Buzz Digital O.R., which opens doors to even more features, like HD streaming and recording, web portal and other possible O.R. integration.

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Kick in 20 seconds

2. Kick EM®

Kick EM is a minimalistic electromagnetic surgical navigation system designed for surgeons seeking focused functionality. Positioning flexibility, the large tracking volume, and animated workflows which guide the user through setup and registration, make electromagnetic navigation simple. The EM instrument adapter integrates Brainlab instruments, such as curved or straight pointers and various suctions, with the navigation system. Kick EM can be expanded with Buzz Digital O.R. for remote control between the systems, integrated O.R. functionalities, streaming and recording as well as image viewing and enrichment.

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3. Buzz Digital O.R.

Buzz—the next generation of O.R. integration with intuitive multi-touch user interface and IP-based future-proof design—functions as the clever information center in the O.R. Equipped with the interactive DICOM Viewer, Buzz allows for the display, manipulation and enrichment of medical data and can be integrated with HIS and PACS. With intuitive drag and drop gestures, Buzz routes content from different video or data sources to multiple full HD displays and provides direct web-access to live streams, digital recordings and screenshots. Command and control workflow and devices inside the O.R. from Buzz or vice versa with multiple access and control possibilities.


Airo, designed to function inside existing O.R. suites, is ideal for cranial, spine and trauma procedures. High CT image quality helps increase surgeon confidence and supports surgical decision-making and advanced minimally invasive surgery. With the largest gantry opening (107cm) on the market, Airo provides full Hounsfield soft tissue imaging with a scan volume of D 50 x 100cm. The small footprint of Airo, front facing camera and electrical drive system ensure easy portability, even through standard doors and into elevators. Communication between Airo and Curve™ Image Guided Surgery makes image transfer automatic and the merging of pre- and intraoperative scans a snap.

5. Cranial Navigation

Brainlab Cranial Navigation combines ease of use with extended functionality tailored to surgeons’ needs. With digital patient data uploaded to the navigation system in the O.R., surgeons can plan their approach before making an incision. Brainlab Cranial Navigation tracks tools¹ in real time and displays their position in relation to the patient data, helping to keep skull openings small and minimize damage to healthy structures. To reference patients to the system regardless of their position, Brainlab offers Z-touch® and Softouch® surface matching. As both devices register CT and MR images without headsets or markers, registration scans can be avoided, helping to reduce neuronavigation costs.

1. NDI Disposable Reflective Marker Spheres spheres.ndigital.com / NDI Spheres Compatibility Statement

6. Cranial Planning

Brainlab Cranial Planning Elements are efficient, effective, à la carte software modules serving clinical specialties in neurosurgery. Dataset correlation with Elements Image Fusion is the basis for the multi-dataset cranial planning. Elements Segmentation defines with fully automated knowledge-based anatomical mapping, providing a highly accurate series of labeled structures for user review and editing. Elements Smartbrush intelligent computer-assisted tumor outlining deeply expands target definition, incorporating multiple modalities and exploiting multi-planar volume definition. To preserve vital brain functions, Brainlab BOLD MRI software maps the position of critcal areas in the outer brain gray matter while Brainlab Fibertracking software adds fibers that invisibly connect these areas via white matter structures.

1. Smartbrush Angio – 510(k) not submitted yet

7. ENT Navigation

ENT Navigation enables surgeons to achieve better results through more complete resections by providing enhanced visualization with integrated endoscope and continuously tracked surgical instruments. For simple registration to the navigation system, the pointers provide smooth surface matching. Instrument calibration to integrate 3rd party and Brainlab instruments¹, such as curved or straight pointers and various suctions, is accomplished in seconds without the need to use footswitches.

1. Instrument compatibility is automatically verified during calibration process.

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Flyer Balloon Sinuplasty

8. Intraoperative Ultrasound

Brainlab Cranial Navigation combines with ultrasound imaging devices for intraoperative updates of patient data in real-time. Intraoperative updates of data are essential in neurosurgery. While most preoperative images are either CT or MR, data sets may also be updated using intraoperative ultrasound. Integration features live anatomical images overlaid directly onto preoperative data. Brainlab open-platform Ultrasound Integration upgrades compatible 2D ultrasound systems from 10 different vendors with 3D functionality, enabling navigation in the axial, coronal, sagittal and other reconstruction views. Supported ultrasound vendors include BK Medical, Hitachi-Aloka, GE, Toshiba and others.

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Flyer Ultrasound Integration

9. Spinal Navigation

Brainlab Spinal Navigation delivers more accurate pedicle screw placement when compared to conventional surgical techniques¹ and enables drastic reduction of X-Ray exposure to both the patient and surgical team². Spinal Navigation offers accurate planning of incisions and trajectories with any instrument and enables navigation of implants and instruments in 2D images, 3D scans, MR or CT datasets in all stages of surgery. Brainlab Spinal Navigation covers indications from cervical and high thoracic dorsal instrumentations to routine lower lumbar surgery, complex deformity surgery, and tumor treatment. In addition to a range of Brainlab instruments, cooperations with selected 3rd party manufacturers also provide navigation-ready integrated instruments for smooth and seamless workflows.

1. Richter et. al., Cervical pedicle screws: conventional versus computer-assisted placement of cannulated screws.
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2. Gebhard et al., Does computer assisted spine surgery reduce intraoperative radiation doses?
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10. Spinal Planning

The automated functionalities of Spinal Planning enable effective and straightforward treatment planning for spinal surgery. With Brainlab Elements DICOM Viewer, surgeons gain pixel-perfect images that support surgical planning and decision-making. Elements Image Fusion allows exploitation of all available anatomical and functional data simultaneously with CT scans delivering information about bone structures and MR datasets providing tissue definition and tumor identification. Elements Smartbrush intelligently outlines the tumor with the click of a mouse or touch of a finger, deeply expanding target definition, incorporating multiple modalities and exploiting multi-planar volume definition. Intraoperative planning provides unrestricted reconstruction of datasets with views along the path of the implant.

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Brochure Spine Navigation

11. TraumaCad®

For over a decade, TraumaCad has set the standard in pre-operative planning, allowing orthopedic surgeons to accurately template patient images, take measurements and simulate the expected results prior to surgery. TraumaCad is compatible with virtually any PACS, includes an extensive digital template library and offers a full set of measurement tools for the entire orthopedic department. TraumaCad’s unique automatic features simplify the planning workflow. Auto detection of calibration devices, automatic THR and TKR planning, and automatic software updates can save valuable time. In addition, the new TraumaCad Mobile app allows planning of Total Joints Replacement on the go on iPad® or via web browser on your PC or Mac®.

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What Our Clients Say

About Us

SNT’s high-tech product offering blends affordability, portability and performance versatility for optimum patient outcomes

Since its inception in 2006, SNT has evolved into one of the most trusted and respected South African companies operating in its field. A leading supplier of image guided surgical technologies, SNT works together with its customers through a mutual drive to make healthcare better. Its high-tech product offering blends affordability, portability and performance versatility for optimum patient outcomes. A market leader, here is what has kept SNT at the top of its game:

Unwavering credibility

With in excess of 90% of the local rental market share, SNT occupies the position of market leader in this sector in South Africa. The reason for its phenomenal growth is due to its unwavering quest to provide only the best service possible to all of its clients.

Company vision

SNT will maintain its position of being the most trusted, innovative and integrated Neurosurgery and ENT solutions company, focused on delivering only the best clinical and economic value to its customers and their patients throughout Southern Africa. It aims to do this by continuously inspiring its employees to strive for perfection, by engaging in sustainable business practices, and always understanding and anticipating its customers’ needs.

Covered by medical aid

Reimbursement from medical aid companies was granted in March 1999. The majority of procedures are covered in full by reimbursement companies on the basis that patient outcomes are improved and that overall costs are reduced by the use of the pioneering, cutting-edge technology that SNT provides.

Mission statement

SNT’s mission is to remain the market-leading South African company in the field of image guided surgery by continually exceeding its customer’s expectations and consistently delivering internationally renowned, cutting-edge products, clinical support and service – with a direct focus on improving patients’ lives.

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